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Step-by-step assembly guide

Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate or an expert model builder, the Bismarck will be suitable for you. In each issue, easy-to-understand descriptions of how to assemble the supplied components feature alongside photos to illustrate each step of the construction process.

A chronicle of naval warfare

From the earliest sea forays to the use of capital ships in navies around the world today, this section of the magazine presents a timeline of the great battles and tactics used in sea warfare through the centuries.

History and destiny

When it entered service in the summer of 1940, the Bismarck was the strongest fighting ship in the German Navy. On the ship’s only mission, in 1941, Bismarck intimidated the Royal Navy and became the target of the British Armada. Here, we paint a picture of those dramatic days. Also featuring: everything you need to know about the impressive weapons and technology aboard the Bismarck.

Famous marine battles

For thousands of years, coastal peoples have built strong naval fleets in pursuit of power, prosperity and world influence. The struggle for naval supremacy led to numerous battles: from the legendary sea battle at Salamis in 480 BC to the Anglo-Dutch wars in the 1600s and the battles of the 20th century, the Battleship Bismarck collection will take you through some of the most famous maritime battles of all time.

The legend of the warship

What distinguishes a battleship from a battle cruiser, and why are there no more battleships today? How many aircraft can fit on an aircraft carrier? Throughout your Battleship Bismarck collection, these questions and more will all be answered.

Advice on tools for model making.

Inside your magazine

With comprehensive instructions and detailed photos, you'll find it easy to follow the step-by-step guide to building your Bismarck! The magazine also provides insight into the history and fate of the battleship, the most famous naval battles in history and the legend of the warship.

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Bismarck – Issue 1

With the first part of your deck, capstans and the first part of your die-cast metal hull.

Bismarck – CMC 1
Issue 1
Bismarck – Issue 2

With parts for the main 38cm gun turret, including a motor.

Bismarck – CMC 2
Issue 2
Bismarck – Issue 3

With the second section of the hull and all the parts for your first on-board aircraft.

Bismarck – CMC 3
Issue 3
Bismarck – Issue 4

With parts for the catapult tracks, a circuit board, a battery box and another part of your hull.

Bismarck – CMC 4
Issue 4
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Cutting mat

The cutting mat is the perfect tool to help you construct your Bismarck model with precision and provides an excellent work surface.

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Battleship Bismarck binder

Use this bespoke battleship Bismarck binder to safely store all of your issues as you build the collection.

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Tool kit

This fantastic tool kit prepares you for every stage of the build, with the tools necessary to make sure that your Bismarck model looks ship-shape. Includes tweezers, a craft knife and screwdriver heads!

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Metal display plaque

The metal display plaque features fascinating information about the battleship to display with pride alongside your finished Bismarck!

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